Outdoor Furniture Assembly

It is every parent’s mission to make sure their kids are playing safe on playgrounds and swing sets. Let Sueland Inc. use our knowledge about safe assembly practices so your kids (and their imagination) can run wild! We will work to guarantee your equipment is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, on the right surface, and in the perfect location. Have your playground professionally installed so the only thing you have to worry about is how to get your kids off the slide and inside for dinner!

Outdoor furniture assembly

Outdoor Furniture

We design and assemble your outdoor furniture with leisure in mind. Our large networks in the industry and fine eye for patio aesthetics will leave you with the perfect outdoor space you envisioned. It may often seem like a landscaping project to self-assemble outdoor equipment – this is why we recommend going to a professional. Whether you are a home or business owner, we are here to provide you with our expertise in assembling picnic tables, lounge furniture, outdoor storage and decks. Additionally, Sueland Inc. makes outdoor furniture assembly completely hassle free by offering a competitive pricing model with rates that cannot be beat on bulk orders.